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viktoria koeroesi

Invitation to Rinko-kaku Project 2020【臨江閣】rinko-kaku-茶室-プロジェクト2020

臨江閣 茶室 プロジェクト2020

[Tea room] is a space that can be prepared for the sublimation of the spirit of the lord of the tea ceremony. A very luxurious tea house that is built for the act of drinking tea has not been used only for tasting tea, but is a guest that is served by a teacup of the tea room. It is also said to be a “Japanese-specific beauty festival” that served as a place to show off its own sense of beauty and communicate.

In addition, the invited customers themselves purify their bodies by drinking and drinking the medicinal and aesthetic sensations in the “tea”. I think [teahouse space sense] has the effect of encouraging people in such a situation. And the microcosm has all the mental functions necessary to “taste tea”. The beauty consciousness born by the tea room where all three are “tools, people, and space” has the source of “beauty in everyday life”.