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viktoria koeroesi

Budapest Contemporary × East of Eden

21-24 September 2023 

Contemporary Art Fair Budapest, Hungary, Bálna
Gallery East of Eden, Booth 2
with Viktória Balogh, Áron Baráth, Árpad Forgó, Gábor Kerekes, Viktoria Körösi, Attila Kertész, Ahinaa Perjesi, Barnie, Andras Zoltai, Miklos Kiss, David Szauder, Tuan Anh Do, Bálint Markus

Árpád Forgó, Áron Baráth, Zsolt Zimmermann, Viktoria Körösi, Attila Kertész, Miklós Kiss

Gallery East of Eden, booth Nr. 2.

Áron Baráth, Zsolt Zimmermann, Viktoria Körösi

Árpád Forgó, Áron Baráth, Zsolt Zimmermann, Viktoria Körösi, Attila Kertész


Artiges 2023, Kunstverein Ottobrunn, Munich, Germany 

17 September- 20 October 2023

with Angelika Sobek-Kistner, Peter Troje, Bernhard Kreissl, Benjamin Hauer, Viktoria Körösi, Johan Löffelmann, Amelie Panter, Ulrich Backmerhoff, Bettina Gruber-Reckziegel, John Schmitz, Christine Altona, Marianne Hirschbichler, Volodymyr Ivanov, Georg Boscher, Svenja Janisch, Lena Nikcevic, Maren Okubo, Julian Modica, Päivi Vähälä


Parallel Vienna, Otto Wagner Areal, Vienna, Austria

5-10 September 2023

Künstlerhaus Vereinigung, Artist Data Base, Room 16/210
Alle  Mitglieder auf einen Blick


Peaceful Loneliness, Szent Mauríciusz Monastery, Bakonybél, Hungary

20 August–31 October 2023

Open Air Exhibition
with Alexander Budac, Balanyi Károly, Balanyi Zoltán, Becskei Andor, Bódi Kati, Buchholz Zoltán, Cifra Anett, Csíkszentmihályi Réka, Csorba Simon István, Fábián László, Felházi Ágnes, Felsmann Tamás, Gábor Enikö, Gesztelyi Nagy Zsuzsa, Horváth Lóczi Judit, Kárpáti Zsuzsanna, Körösi Viktória, Kovács Hannaű, Kovács László PuTu, Krizbai Sándor, Kronavetter Zsófia és Alkér Katalin Mária, Lentovits Laura, Liszi Renáta, Máder Indira, Makkai-Kovács Beatrix, Mayer Éva, Oberfrank Luca, Oláh Gergely Máté, Rainer Péter, Szabó Henrietta, Szerényi Gábor, Tóth Lea, Váli Dezsö, Votin Dóra, Zoltai Bea

photo credit: Tünde Sipos, curator

photo credit: Kata Takács


Peaceful Loneliness, MANK Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary

20 July–10 September 2023

winning 3rd Prize

with Alexander Budac, Balanyi Károly, Balanyi Zoltán, Becskei Andor, Bódi Kati, Buchholz Zoltán, Cifra Anett, Csíkszentmihályi Réka, Csorba Simon István, Fábián László, Felházi Ágnes, Felsmann Tamás, Gábor Enikö, Gesztelyi Nagy Zsuzsa, Horváth Lóczi Judit, Kárpáti Zsuzsanna, Körösi Viktória, Kovács Hannaü, Kovács László PuTu, Krizbai Sándor, Kronavetter Zsófia és Alkér Katalin Mária, Lentovits Laura, Liszi Renáta, Máder Indira, Makkai-Kovács Beatrix, Mayer Éva, Oberfrank Luca, Oláh Gergely Máté, Rainer Péter, Szabó Henrietta, Szerényi Gábor, Tóth Lea, Váli Dezsö, Votin Dóra, Zoltai Bea

MANK Gallery

Renáta Liszi, Viktória Körösi, Enikö Gábor

Renáta Liszi, Viktória Körösi, Enikö Gábor, Luca Oberfrank

Viktória Körösi, Enikö Gábor

Renáta Liszi, Viktória Körösi, Dezsö Váli


Art and Antique Budapest

2-5 March 2023 

Classic and Contemporary Art Fair
Gallery Erdész, Booth 16, Bálna Budapest
Sándor Bortnyik, Péter Botos, Péter Borkovics, Pál Deim, László Fehér, Árpád Forgó, Aladár Kacziány, Paul Kallos, Viktoria Körösi, István Nádler, György Tóth, Júlia Vajda etc.

László Fehér, Viktória Körösi, Árpád Forgó

Viktória Körösi, Árpád Forgó


Red Carpet Art Award, Showroom Karlsplatz Lichtraum, Vienna, Austria

01 February–02 March 2023

Künstlerhaus Vereinigung Artist Data Base

photo credit: Red Carpet Art Award, FB


Reflective Emotions, Gallery East of Eden, Budapest, Hungary

26 January–16 February 2023

two person art show with Árpád Forgó in collaboration with Everybody Needs Art


Salon Immer Anders, Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein, Linz, Austria

8-10 February 2023

with Kata Martincsák, Anna Weberberger, Bíborka Janka Béres, Lorenzo Iannantuoni, Shahrzad Khanmohammadi, Nikita Narder, Beni Altmüller, Christine Altmüller, Hasan Ulukisa, tschörda, Linde Klement, Leonard Kogler, Inga Hehn, Judith Huemer, David Kapl, Michaela Kessler, Thomas Steiner, Violetta Wakolbinger, Christa Maria Dietl, Sophie Netzer, Viktoria Körösi, Birgit Schweiger, Elisabeth Czihak, Gabriela Gordillo and Bernadette Laimbauer.

Viktoria Körösi, Birgit Schweiger

Beni Altmueller


Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein, Linz, Austria

21 December 2022

group show of the members of the art association

Judith Huemer, Lavinia Lanner, Viktoria Körösi, Sissa Micheli, Thomas Steiner etc.


[100 x 150] AIS Gallery, Shibukawa, Japan

11-13 November 2022
with Serhiy Popov, DiMASALA: Diana Lozano&Alvaro Jaen, August Hugo, Árpád Forgó, Linda Carrara, Viktoria Körösi, Yuki Shiraishi, Martina Klein, Fukuda Shuhei, Miyazaki Yuka 

photo credit: Satoshi Mori

photo credit: Satoshi Mori

photo credit: Satoshi Mori

photo credit: Satoshi Mori, artworks: Viktoria Körösi, Shuhei Fukuda

photo credit: Satoshi Mori, artworks: Yuka Miyazaki

photo credit: Satoshi Mori


Art Market Budapest

6-9 October 2022
International Contemporary Art Fair Budapest, Hungary
Gallery East of Eden & Gallery Erdész, Booth G203
with Viktória Balogh, Áron Baráth, Árpad Forgó, Gábor Kasza, Gábor Kerekes, Viktoria Körösi, Kíra Krász, Csongor Szigeti

Árpad Forgó, Viktória Balogh, Áron Baráth, Viktoria Körösi

Gábor Kerekes, György Toth

Viktoria Körösi

Gabor Kasza, Viktoria Körösi, Aron Barath


Gorinto, Puccs Contemporary, Budapest, Hungary

31 March–21 April 2022

site specific installation within the framework of Insight Project, curated & supported by Parallel Art Foundation, Gábor Pintér

The elements, as natural phenomena or intellectual creation, always played a decisive role in certain Asian cultures. As people have constantly experienced at first hand its dramatic influence. Earthquakes, vulcanic abruptions, tsunamis, typhoons are in many East Asian countries not uncommon since time immemorial, but rather an everyday occurrence, that the way of thinking and living of local people has severely determined. Recently these exotic and tremendous phenomena, earlier known only from news, slowly but surely become present in the Metropoles of Europe or coastal arias in the United States.

It is not accidental, that in many eastern cultures, the connection to these elements has rather a spiritual and philosophical nature. Earth, water, fire, wind, and void or spirit are the five elements according to Japanese Buddhistic tradition, in addition, there are associated elementary geometric forms as the cube, sphere, pyramid, hemisphere, and jewel shape. From India originated the idea of the elements has developed in Japan to an extraordinary sculptural shape, the five-ring tower, the so-called Gorinto. This stack of geometrical forms, made of stone or wood, is often used as memorial stone or graves in Buddhist cemeteries.

Although Christianity has a very different relationship to the environment in comparison to eastern philosophies, a similar approximation appeared in Europe referring to ancient greek philosophy. In his 1619 published work Harmonie mundi Johannes Kepler the astronomer and natural philosopher assigned the Platonic solids the Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, and Icosahedron to the elements: earth, air, water, fire, and ether.

The work in the nine square meters white cube of Puccs Contemporary is a three-meter high Gorinto made as a combination of ready-made objects and self-created artefacts, in a very context a cultural and social heterogenic district, reflecting for ancient cultures and future threat of the changing environment.


Circle, Viltin Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

9 December 2021–5 February 2022

group show with Gálhidy Péter, Gáspár György, Hajas Katinka, iski Kocsis Tibor, Kóródi Zsuzsanna, Körösi Viktória, Szabó Klára Petra, Szentgróti Dávid, Szentpétery Ádám

The circle as a geometric form and topic of fine art can be found in a variety of approaches in VILTIN Gallery's last thematic exhibition of the year. In the paintings, sculptures and photographs of the eight artists of different generations we can gain a wide and rich understanding on the fine art subject matter. The exhibiting artist are all aware of the role and appearance of the circle in visual arts, yet they are able to expand it and place it into a new contemporary context.

Szentpétery Ádám, Körösi Viktória,  photo: ©Dávid Bíró

Gálhidy Péter, Szentgróti Dávid, Gáspár György, Szentpétery Ádám, Hajas Katinka, Kóródi Zsuzsanna, photo: ©Dávid Bíró

Kóródi Zsuzsanna, Hajas Katinka, Szentpétery Ádám, Körösi Viktória, Gálhidy Péter, Gáspár György,  photo: ©Dávid Bíró

Körösi Viktória, Szentgróti Dávid, Gálhidy Péter, Gáspár György, Szabó Klára Petra, photo: ©Dávid Bíró

Szentpétery Ádám, Hajas Katinka, Körösi Viktória, Szentgróti Dávid, Gálhidy Péter, Gáspár György,  iski Kocsis Tibor, Szabó Klára Petra,  photo: ©Dávid Bíró

Gálhidy Péter,Szentgróti Dávid, Gáspár György, Szabó Klára Petra,  Szentpétery Ádám, photo: ©Dávid Bíró

Körösi Viktória, photo: ©Dávid Bíró

Körösi Viktória, photo: ©Dávid Bíró


Karma for Kabul, Desiderio Gallery, Vienna, Austria

10 January–15 January 2022

Dora Mai, Stefan Sagmeister, Viktoria Körösi, Markus Reiter, Jaqueline Vanek, Alina Isabel Gufler, Marie-Theres Gallnbrunner, Ivo von Renner, Noah Friesz, Saskia Nathalie Betz, Ines Kaufmann, Danielle Pamp, Luka Brase, Jochen Gasser, Artmutation, Sondos Abdelmalak, Manfred Kielnhofer, Esra Gülme, Shahrzad Nazarpour, Arash Lorestani, Aileen Kappel, Andreas Peter Lewall, Farila Neshat, Marina Freccia, Camilla Schön, Julia Haugeneder

Farila Neshat

Viktoria Körösi, Markus Reiter, Noah Friesz, Alina Isabel GuflerMarina Freccia

Julia Haugeneder, Viktoria Körösi, Noah Friesz

Viktoria Körösi

Desiderio Gallery, Johannesgasse 17, Vienna, Austria


Eine Revue, 170 Jahre 170 Kunstwerke
Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein, Linz, Austria

1 December 2021–26 January 2022

group show with Reinhard Adlmannseder Beni Altmüller Chiho Aono Katharina Brandl Anna Maria Brandstätter Michaela Bruckmüller coop_zweierlei Elisabeth Czihak Tomiris Dmitrievskikh Johannes Domenig Sabine Effinger Josseline Engeler Constance Ferdiny Ekaterina Fischnaller Elke Punkt Fleisch Ingrid Gaier Gabriele Gruber-Gisler Maria Hanl Inga Hehn Markus Anton Huber Judith Huemer Johann Jascha Michaela Kessler Linde Klement Leopold Kogler Viktoria Körösi Krystyna Krabatschowa Franz Lun Sonja Meller Sissa Micheli Oswald Miedl Doris Miedl-Pisecky Monika Migl-Frühling Cornelia Mittendorfer Nikita Narder Elisabeth Neuwirth Margit Nobis Robert Oltay Daniela Pesendorfer Margit Pflügl Armin Pils Werner Puntigam Christoph Raffetseder raumarbeiterinnen Markus Riebe Raphaela Riepl Thomas Riess Gerda Schoissengeier-Naderer Alina Staicu Thomas Steiner Johannes Steininger Maria Tupay-Duque Vildan Turalić Evalie Wagner Felix Helmut Wagner Violetta Wakolbinger Charlotte Wiesmann Hannah Winkelbauer Karla Woess initiated by Elisabeth Czihak und Maria Hanl


Contraction and Release, AIS Gallery, Shibukawa, Japan

11-28 November 2021

group show with Árpád Forgó, Linda Carrara, Yuki Shiraishi, Fukuda Shuhei, Miyazaki Yuka 

photo: ©Satoshi Mori

photo: ©Satoshi Mori

photo: ©Satoshi Mori

photo: ©Satoshi Mori


Rinko-kaku Tea House Project 2021, Rinko-kaku Teahouse, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan

11-14 November 2021 

group show with Árpád Forgó, Linda Carrara, Yuki Shiraishi, Fukuda Shuhei, Miyazaki Yuka 

Fukuda Shuhei, photo: ©Rinko-kaku Project

Viktoria Körösi, photo: ©Rinko-kaku Project


Parallel Vienna Art Fair, Semmelweis-Frauenklinik
Project Statements, Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein

7-12 September 2021

group show with Astrid Bartl, Judith Huemer, Elke Punkt Fleisch, Maria Hanl, Raphaela Riepl, Anna-Stina Treumund 
Performance by Katharina Brandl, Christine Hinterkörner

Elke Punkt Fleisch, Anna-Stina Treumund, Raphaela Riepl, Viktoria Körösi

Raphaela Riepl, Judith Huemer

Anna-Stina Treumund, Raphaela Riepl

Viktoria Körösi

Viktoria Körösi, Maria Hanl, Raphaela Riepl

Semmelweis-Frauenklinik, Vienna


Eine runde Sache, Galerie Mariette Haas, Ingolstadt, Germany

26 June–18 September 2021

group show with Ilse Aberer, Hellmut Bruch, Christoph Dahlhausen, Christiane Grimm, Rosa M. Hessling, Ralph Kerstner, Müller-Emil, Michael Post, Heiner Thiel, Wolfram Ullrich, Uta Weber, Reinhard Wöllmer

Viktoria Körösi, Ilse Aberer

Michael Post, Uta Weber, Viktoria Körösi

Michael Post, Heiner Thiel

Reinhard Wollner

Michael Post, Christoph Dalhausen

Christiane Grimm

Galerie Mariette Haas, Tillyhaus, Ingolstadt, Germany

Galerie Mariette Haas, Tillyhaus, Ingolstadt, Germany


Under Construction, Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein, Linz, Austria

10-24 February 2021

group show with Charlotte Wiesmann, Thomas Steiner, Oswald Miedl, Beni Altmüller, Chiho Aono, Viktoria Körösi, Werner Puntigam, Walter Kainz, Daniela Pesendorfer, Evalie Wagner, Josseline Engeler, Leopold Kogler, Ingrid Gaier, Angelika Windegger, Clemens Mock, Martin Staufner, Sibylle Küblböck, Monika Migl-Frühling, Johannes Steininger, Anna Maria Brandstätter, Maria Hanl, Linde Kliment


Art Matters 2, Online Group Exhibition, Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne, Germany

29 November–13 December 2020


Rinko Kaku Project 2020, Rinko Kaku Pavilion, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan 

12-15 November 2020

group show with Linda Carrara, Árpád Forgó, Shuhei Fukuda, Yuka Miyazaki

Rinko-kaku Teapavilion, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan, photo: ©Satoshi Mori

photo: ©Satoshi Mori

photo: ©Satoshi Mori

artworks: Shuhei Fukuda, Viktoria Körösi, photo: ©Satoshi Mori

artworks: Linda Carrara, Viktoria Körösi, Yuka Miyazaki, photo: ©Satoshi Mori

photo: ©Satoshi Mori

artworks: Árpád Forgó, Yuka Miyazaki, Viktoria Körösi, photo: ©Satoshi Mori

artworks: Linda Carrara, Viktoria Körösi, photo: ©Satoshi Mori

photo: ©Satoshi Mori

artworks: Árpád Forgó, Viktoria Kérési, photo: ©Satoshi Mori

Rinko-kaku, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan, photo: ©Satoshi Mori

artists and curators: Shuhei Fukuda, Yuka Miyazaki, photo: ©Satoshi Mori


#JapanRevisited202x: then-now-after
online exhibition by the Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo

since 9 September 2020

Beni Altmüller, Yela An, Katharina Bayer, Sebastian Bobik, Hanna Burkart, H.H. Capor, Julius Werner Chromecek, Dorit Chrysler, Ann Cotten & Michikazu Matsune, Dekonstrukt/Superkong, Daniel J. Derflinger, Felix Dieckmann, Lucas Dietrich, Akino Distelberger E Martin Ebner, Astrid Edlinger, Omani Frei, Fanni Futterknecht, Anna Gabriele, Nikolaus Gansterer / Simona Koch, Jari Genser, Anne Glassner, David Gobber, Marlene Gollner, Anita Gratzer, Marianne Greber, Elodie Grethen, Felix Grütsch, Katharina Gruzei, Stephie Hacker, Andreas Von Herzogenburg, Edgar Honetschläger, Honey & Bunny, Michelle Inaner, Eginhartz Kanter, Toni Kleinlercher, Matthias Klos, Nikolaus Gansterer / Simona Koch, Koekkoek, Viktoria Körösi, Tonia Kos, Milan Loviška & Otto Krause, Peter Lagler, Claudia Larcher, Camilo Latorre, Julia Libiseller, Milan Loviška & Otto Krause, Johann Lurf and Laura Wagner, Lotte Lyon M Nicolas Mahler, Marlene Maier, Yelena Maksutay + Yoshinori Niwa, Ann Cotten & Michikazu Matsune, MaVaEs, Ralo Mayer, Mayerhofer-Ohata, Michaela Meissl, Rebecca Merlic, Silvia Miklin, Flora Miranda, Hannah Neckel / Voidgirl79, Yelena Maksutay + Yoshinori Niwa, Chris Norz & Philipp Osanna, Elza Okazaki, Chris Norz & Philipp Osanna, Sarah Ortmeyer, Michael Perl, Christiane Peschek, Karin Pliem, Agnes Prammer, PRINZpod, Gabriele Proy, Werner Puntigam, Christoph Punzmann, Lucja Radwan, Judith Saupper, Chris Saupper, Roman Scheidl, Martha Schnuderl, Iris Schwarz, Walter Seidl, Wolfgang Seierl, Günter Seyfried, Siedl/Cao, Andrea Siegl, Guido Spannocchi, Martina Stock, Dekonstrukt/Superkong, T Akemi Takeya, Christian Teckert, Lea Titz, Hannah Todt, Julian Turner, Nana Tylo, Hana Usui, Sarah Van Esbroeck, Michael Vienne W Johann Lurf and Laura Wagner, Therese Wagner, Margret Wibmer, Rosa Wiesauer, Anna Witt, Alexandra Zedtwitz, Laurent Ziegler, Christian Zürn


Blickfang 2020, Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren, Germany

11 August 2020–10 January 2021



Sommer-Ausstellung 2020, Schlossmuseum Linz, Austria

26 June–4 October 2020

group show with Katharina Acht, Beni Altmüller, Lea Anders, Peter Androsch, Chiho AONO, Joerg Auzinger, Peter Baldinger, Sofia Braga, Alois Bauer, Christine Bauer, Maria Bergstötter, Sylvia Berndorfer, Daniel Bierdümpfl, Renate Billensteiner, Markus Bittermann, Markus Bless, Clara Boesl, Sarah Braid, Gerhard Brandl, Anna Maria Brandstätter, Stefan Brandtmayr, Jean-Marie Braun, Monika Breitenfellner, Theresa Ulrike Cellnigg, Waltraut Cooper, Claudia Czimek, die.fisch.die, Katinka Dietz-Förster, Pamela Ecker, Brigitte Eckl, Jannis Edelsbacher, Jennifer Eder, Andrea Rose Edler, Manuela Eibensteiner, Eva Eichinger, Therese Eisenmann, Elitsa And The Fir Tree, Josseline Engeler, Astrid Esslinger, Elisabeth Falkinger, Alexander Fasekasch, Stephanie Fischerlehner, Ekaterina Fischnaller, Irene Maria Ganser, Judith Gattermayr, Gertraud Gattringer, Josef Geißler, Philippe Gerlach, Magdalena Glas, Lukas Aleksander (MAMUT) Glowacki, Judith Maria Goetzloff, Anna Goldgruber, Ottilie Großmayer, Maria Gruber, Reinhard Gupfinger, Otto Hainzl, Lukas Halder, Karin Hannak, Ewa Hanushevsky, Helmut Hebrank, Hans Heis, Ursula Hentschläger, Sarah Hoffmann, Edgar Holzknecht, Bernadette Huber, Patrik Huber, HuM-ART – Hermine und Michael Sardelic, Karim Hussein, Riki Jausz, Sabine Jelinek, Josef Jobst, Elisabeth Jungwirth, Walter Kainz, Charles Kaltenbacher, Sarah Maria Kamleitner, Dora Karácsonyi–Brenner, Anton Kehrer, Klaus Ludwig Kerstinger, Marion Kilianowitsch, Bianca Kiso, Anton Kitzmüller, Elfe Koplinger, Viktoria Körösi, Kristyna Krabatschova, Vanja Krajnc, Paul Kranzler, Sigrid Krenner, Thomas Kröswang, Andrea Lehmann, Melanie Ludwig, Petra Lupe, Linda Luse, Sonja Meller, Veronika Merl, Oswald Miedl, Doris Miedl-Pisecky, Gerlinde Miesenböck, Robert Mihlan, Isabella S. Minichmair, Clemens Mock, Renate Moran, Robert Moser, Inge Muhr, Alois Nimmervoll, Ling Nimmervoll, Christopher Noelle, Florian Nörl, Özlem Nörl, Konstantin Emanuel(a) Obereder, Michael Oberlik, Angelika Offenhauser, Christian Öhlinger, Robert Oltay, Helga Ortner, Hermann Ortner, Patricia Pauer, Sebastian Peil, Andrea Penz, Christine Perseis, Kurt A. Pirk, Post–Bio–Internet Collective, Petra Rader, Anna Rafetseder, Ingeborg Rauss, Bianca Regl, Wolfgang Maria Reiter, Friederike Reiter, Sigi Resl, Ayan Rezaei, Astrid Christina Richtsfeld, Antonia Riederer, Franz Riedl, Rainer A. Riepl, Adelheid Rumetshofer, Marie Ruprecht, Elke Sackel, Otto Saxinger, Paul Schlager, Eva Schlögl, Marlene Schröder, Gabriele Schuller, Veronika Schubert, Robert Schuster, Verena Schweiger, Birgit Schweiger, Manuela Schwenkreich, Eckart Sonnleitner, Ernst Spiessberger, Erich Spindler, Christine Stangl, Martin Staufner, Laura Mae Steiner, Thomas Steiner, Johannes Steininger m.a. m a, Ulli Stelzer, Silvia Sun, Heide Thurner, Adriana Torres Topaga, Elisa Treml, Maria Treml, Markus Treml, Vildan Turalic, Adam Ulen, Martin Veigl, Video.Sckre, Evalie Wagner, Doris Walaschek, Richard Wall, Robert Wallner, Franz Weiß, Anja Westerfrölke, Charlotte Wiesmann, Betty Wimmer, Elisabeth Wimmer-Röck, Ulrike Wintersteiger, Flo Wöss, Gerhard Wöß, Ingrid Wurzinger–Leitner, Petra Zechmeister, Julia Zöhrer


Art Matters, Online Group Exhibition, Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne, Germany

12 April–26 April 2020


Fine Matters, Flóris Rómer Museum of Art, Győr, Hungary

08 July–15 September 2019

with Atsuo Hukuda and Linda Carrara
curated by Gabor Pinter, Parallel Art Foundation

Viktoria Körösi, Linda Carrara, photo: ©Gábor Marcali

Viktoria Körösi, Linda Carrara, Atsuo Hukuda, photo: ©Gábor Marcali

Linda Carrara, Atsuo Hukuda, Viktoria Körösi, photo: ©Gábor Marcali

Viktoria Körösi, Linda Carrara, photo: ©Gábor Marcali

Linda Carrara, photo: ©Gábor Marcali

Atsuo Hukuda, photo: ©Gábor Marcali


Geformte Bilder, Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein, Linz, Austria

22 May–26 June 2019

with Ádám Katyi 

curated by Ingrid Hahn
opening speech: Gabriele Spindler

Viktoria Körösi, Ádám Katyi 

Viktoria Körösi, Ádám Katyi 

Viktoria Körösi, Ádám Katyi 

Viktoria Körösi, Ádám Katyi 

Viktoria Körösi

Viktoria Körösi


In Schwebe, Atrium of ÖBV, Vienna, Austria

14 May–13 September 2019

solo show
curated by Jacqueline Chanton
text: Maria Holter
opening speeach Dr. Berthold Ecker, curator of the Wien Museum
music: Benjamin Zumpfe, pianist, composer

©Karl Grabherr

©Karl Grabherr


Fundus II Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein, Linz, Austria

21 November–19 December 2018

group show of the members of the art association


Linzer Kunstsalon, Landesgalerie Linz, Austria 

16-17 September 2017 

with Daniela Pesendorfer and Johannes Steininger/Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein

Daniela Pesendorfer, Viktoria Körösi, Johannes Steininger

Viktoria Körösi, Johannes Steininger


Feld/Test, Nachtspeicher23 e.V., Hamburg, Germany

05-13 May 2017 

with Eileen Dreher

Eileen Dreher, Viktoria Körösi

Eileen Dreher

Eileen Dreher, Viktoria Körösi

Eileen Dreher, Viktoria Körösi


Bewegung/Preview 2017, Nachtspeicher23 e.V., Hamburg, Germany

10-18 December 2016 

group show with Uli Pforr + Lamaboy || Aleksandar Spasoski + Jacqueline Christiansen || Saskia Bannasch + Katrin Bethge || Eileen Dreher + Viktoria Körösi || Christiane Rasch + Anna Bläser || Ele Runge + Kamen Stoyanov + Patrick Brandt || Elena Galitsch + Matt Vogel + Rahel Bruns || Lara Vlaska Wahlmann 

photo: ©Nachtspeicher 23 e. V.

photo: ©Nachtspeicher 23 e. V.

Eileen Dreher, photo: ©Nachtspeicher 23 e. V.

Viktoria Körösi, photo: ©Nachtspeicher 23 e. V.


Strich-Linie-Bogen, Altenbürghalle, Karlsdorf-Neuthard, Germany

16-19 June 2016 

group show with Nicola Barth, Reinhard Bogisch, Norbert Damm, Cornelia Effner, Maria Fetsch, Andreas Futter, Petra Groh, Helga Gross, Katharina Haas, Marc Häger, Svetlana Hinz, Fabian Hochscheid, Margit Hüttner, Dietmar Israel, Marion Knoblauch, Viktoria Körösi, Carmen Heidi Kroese, Volker Kurz, Dagmar Langer, Wolfgang Lemke, Frauke Lenz, Heidrun Malcomes, Sylvia Markgraf, Ada See, Monika Meinhold, Sebastian Menzke, Claudia Merk, Marlene Neumann, Sviatoslav Palamartschuk, Kalle Patzer, Roswitha Josefine Pape, Maximilian Perez, Sophia Melone Peters, Gisela Pletschen, Hardy Raub, Martin Rehm, Marc Reibel, Gustav Reinhardt, Angelika Schneider, Wolfgang Schwarz, Dieter Schwerda, Anne-Marie Sprenger, Bernhard Stüber, Julia Wallywagner Wagner, M. Wenczel Stäuble, Paul Wessler, Withöft-Foremny, Roswitha Zeeb